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MICCAI Student Board 2024 - Call for New Members

MSB 2024 Call Banner

The MICCAI Student Board (MSB) is looking for new members!

About MICCAI Student Board

The MSB represents student interests within the MICCAI community. We stimulate the involvement of students by providing opportunities for networking, organize webinars throughout the year and manage the MICCAI Educational Initiative.

Open Positions for MSB 2024

The available MSB positions this year are:

  • Professional​ ​Events​ ​Officer
    Responsible for overseeing the organization of the Academia & Industry event which allows students to interact directly with professionals from MICCAI-related fields.
  • PR Officer
    Responsible for managing our accounts on social media and promoting our events.
  • Educational Officer
    Organize the MSB Lunch event including the MICCAI Educational Challenge.
  • Executive Officer
    Early PhD student responsible for overseeing the MSB sub-groups, providing help when needed and maintaining an overview of financial aspects.
  • Sports Officer
    Coordinate morning runs and additional athletic activities. Your presence at MICCAI 2024 in Marrakech would be ideal.
  • Local Student Liaison
    Student assisting in organizing local events. Familiarity with Marrakech and proficiency in arabic and/or french is preferred.

How do you apply?

Send an email to miccai.sb@gmail.com by November 12th with:

  • A short CV including your name, where you're from, your current place of work, etc.
  • Your preferred position(s) as an MSB officer.

In addition, please provide answers (max 200 words) to the following questions:

  • Why would you like to join the MSB?
  • Did you participate in our events in the past? What did you like? What not?
  • What previous experience do you have that may be relevant to the position(s) you’re applying for?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the experience of MSB events?

If you apply, please add our address, miccai.sb@gmail.com, to your safe sender list to ensure that our emails properly reach you. We look forward to hearing from you!