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Organizing Commitee

The Educational Challenge is organized by the MICCAI Student Board, with tremendous support from the MICCAI board.

2020 MICCAI Student Board

Anees Kazi
TU München
Mark Asselin
Vice President
Queen's University
Jorge Corral Acero
Professional Events Officer
University of Oxford
Hendrik Burwinkel
Professional Events Officer
TU München
Nathaniel Braman
Educational Officer
Case Western Reserve University
Kyle Wong
Educational Officer
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Ylenia Giarratano
Social Events Officer
University of Edinburgh
David Garcia Mato
Social Events Officer
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Amelia Jiménez-Sánchez
Sports Officer
BCN MedTech, DTIC, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Magdalini Paschali
Public Relations Officer
TU München
Camila Gonzalez
Executive Officer
TU Darmstadt

2020 Advisory Members

2019 MICCAI Student Board

2019 Advisory Members

2018 MICCAI Student Board

2017 MICCAI Student Board

The third MICCAI Educational Challenge allows participants to submit tutorial papers, presentations or blog entries instead of videos. The timeline was also changed to allow rolling submissions throughout the year, with a kickoff at MICCAI 2017 and the winner announced at MICCAI 2018. It was organized by the 2017 MICCAI Student Board, comprising of the following students:

2015 MICCAI Student Board

The second MICCAI Educational Challenge, along with the initiation of the MICCAI Educational Initiative and the Online Student Reading Group were organized by the 2015 MICCAI Student Board, comprising of the following students.

2014 MICCAI Student Board

The first MICCAI Educational Challenge was organized by the 2014 MICCAI Student Board, comprising of the following students.