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MICCAI Educational Challenge 2021 Materials

Maier Unleashed - Review Rant - Part 1

Andreas Maier
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg
How to use Dwave Quantum Annealer & example of network optimization for brain or protein networks

Alex Crimi
Sano, Center for Computational Medicine
A discovery dive into the world of evaluation — Do’s, don’ts and other considerations

Annika Reinke, Minu Tizabi, Carole Sudre
German Cancer Research Center, King's College London, University College London
Brain MRI Age Classification using Deep Learning

Vijay Iyer, Sameer Muckatira, Eshan Joshi, Maria Duarte Rosa, Julia Hoerner, Amith Kamath. Mathworks
An interactive introduction to Multiview Learning with Canonical Correlation Analysis and Partial Least Squares using cca-zoo

James Chapman
University College London
Cell Detection with Contour Proposal Networks

Eric Upschulte
Forschungzentrum Juelich
Introducing the generally nuanced DL framework Segmentation Challenge

Sarthak Pati and Siddhesh P. Thakur, et. al
UPenn, TU Munich, TU Darmstadt, Germany Intel Corporation, University of Zurich, University of Edinburgh
Learning the Effect of Registration Hyperparameters

Andrew Hoopes and Adrian Dalca
Harvard University
Image Registration with the VoxelMorph Framework

Adrian Dalca and Andrew Hoopes
Harvard University
Curating and Preprocessing of a Dataset for Medical Image Registration

Mattias Heinrich
University of Luebeck
Project Roadmap for X-Ray Classifiers

Solace Hussein and Ben Duvieusart
University of Oxford
Computed Tomography techniques for the evaluation of Intestine

Manjunath K N
Manipal Institute of Technology, India
Whole-brain Segmentation with FastSurfer - How to create simple, intuitive and understandable tutorials for DL based neuroimaging applications in Colab

Leonie Henschel and Martin Reuter
DZNE Germany

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MEC 2015 Winners

ID#4 - DWI and Microstructure

Maxime Taquet
1st Prize Expert Panel.
ID#5 - Epipolar Consistency of X-ray Images

Andre Aichert
1st Prize Popular Vote.
ID#3 - Random walks in medical image processing

Mattias Heinrich
2nd Prize Expert Panel.
ID#2 - Understanding an MRI Pulse Sequence using a Guitar

Dr. Battista
Medical Biophysics as Western University
2nd Prize Popular Vote.

MISS 2014 Talks

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MEC 2014 Winners

ID3: Your friendly guide to human brain atlases.

1st place Expert Panel
Yiming Xiao and Ian Gerard
Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University
ID9 - Singular Value Decomposition

2nd place Expert Panel
Xiao Huang, Xiao Xue, Judith Zimmermann, Piotr Wojewnik
Technical University Munich
ID13 - Statistics on Lie groups for Computational Anatomy

1st place Popular Vote
Nina Miolane, Bishesh Khanal
INRIA Sophia Antipolis
ID11 - Intraoperative Nuclear Imaging

2nd place Popular Vote
Asli Okur, Philipp Matthies, Jose Gardiazabal, Oliver Zettinig, Christoph Hennersperger, Richard Brosig, Nassir Navab
Technical University Munich, Johns Hopkins

MEC 2014 & 2015 Entries in Random Order

The entire MEC2014 playlist is available here.

ID#1 - Automatic Segmentation of Interacting Cells

Danna Gurari
ID#6 - Going with the Flow - How 3D Printing and Prototype Design can Fight Coronary Artery Disease.

Susann Beier
ID1 - Motion Artifacts in Computed Tomography

Jerry Battista, Colin Versnick, and Kevin Jordan
Western University
ID2 - 3DMeshMetric video tutorial

Juliette Pera, Francois Budin, Tung Nguyen, Beatriz Paniagua
UNC-Chapel Hill
ID4 - Manopt, a Matlab toolbox for optimization on matrix manifolds

Nicolas Boumal
Universite catholique de Louvain
ID5 - Sparsity-Based Regularization

Shadi Albarqouni
Technical University Munich
ID6 - Medical Augmented Reality

Severine Habert and Meng Ma
Technical University Munich
ID7 - Mutual Information

Andrii Kravtsiv, Burcu Altinkaya, Jun Shen, Yuxiang Gong, Zhengyu Shan
Technical University Munich
ID8 - Ray Casting

Laura Flores Sanchez, Jihye Jang, Nicola Leucht, Tushar Upadhyah, Tao Ye
Technical University Munich
ID10 - 5: 3D Craniofacial Quantification of Changes-Compute the Surface Distances using a Color Map

Nicole Pentis, Lucia Cevidanes, Antonio Ruellas, Vinicius Boen, Beatriz Paniagua, Francois Budin, Alexis Girault, Martin Styner, Steve Pieper
University of Michigan, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Isomics Inc.
ID12 - Discrete Optimisation for Medical Image Registration

Mattias P. Heinrich
University of Lubeck, University of Oxford · More Info
ID14 - Medical Image Segmentation [2 parts]

Ramesh Sridharan
MIT CSAIL · More Info and both parts
ID15 - Continuous Spatio-Temporal Atlases of the Asymptomatic and Infarcted Hearts

Pau Medrano-Gracia
University of Auckland