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MICCAI Educational Challenge 2022

Update: The deadline for the MEC 2022 has been extended to the 15th of August!


The MICCAI Educational Challenge will be held for the sixth time, leading up to and concluding at MICCAI 2022 in Singapore. The goal of the challenge is to encourage members of the MICCAI community to create and share educational materials, covering fundamental concepts in medical image computing and computer-assisted interventions. The first prize winner of the MICCAI Educational Challenge will receive a prize of $500, sponsored by the MICCAI society, and an interview with a well-known professor published on YouTube to promote their research. Pending sufficient submissions, a second and third place prize will also be awarded. The winner(s) will be decided by popular vote and announced at MICCAI 2022. Tutorials may be formatted as videos, papers, presentations, IPython Notebooks, GitHub sources and documentation, or blog posts.


There are many fundamental concepts unique to medical image computing and computer-assisted interventions. However, finding good learning resources can be difficult, whether you are a new student or an established researcher exploring a new topic.

With the MICCAI Educational Challenge we are building a library of tutorials relevant to the MICCAI community, created by and for its members. Establishing a comprehensive collection will make the field more accessible and shorten the startup time for new students. The MEC will be repeated at future MICCAI conferences, building a large corpus of educational resources for the community.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the deadline? July 31, 2022 August 15, 2022  Extended!
  • What formats are acceptable? You can submit text or video tutorials in any easily accessible format (i.e. jupyter notebook, website, docx/pptx, pdf, mp4, blog, etc...).
  • Do I have to have a paper submitted to MICCAI to submit to the MICCAI Educational Challenge? No, everyone is welcome and encouraged to submit to the MEC.
  • Does the submission have to be anonymized? This is optional and helpful to the organizers, but not required.
  • Do I have to be a student to submit? No, submissions are welcome from all, regardless of experience level. We only suggest that you write your submissions at a level that could be understood by a grad student trying to learn more about your topic.

How to participate

You have complete flexibility in choosing the format of your tutorial. We are accepting:
  • Video
  • Blog Post
  • Scientific Paper
  • IPython Notebook
  • Powerpoint
  • GitHub Source Code and Documentation

Participants are encouraged to consider preparing any blog-style submissions as a post through Medium, which will be published directly through the newly created MICCAI Educational Initiative publication on Medium. We’ve published a getting started article on the Medium channel to help you begin.

Submitted tutorials do not have to be especially long (even a few well thought out slides / pages can be incredibly helpful to beginners). Perhaps you have made something for a lab meeting or blog that would be interesting for the entire community?

Your submission can focus on any fundamental concept or technique related to MICCAI, including but not limited to registration, segmentation, atlases, computational anatomy, machine learning, deep learning, inference, computerized diagnosis, surgical navigation, surgical planning, medical simulation, medical robotics, visualization or software. In particular, the following topics were identified as subjects of interest in a recent Facebook poll: (in order of most to least popular) segmentation, statistical analysis of medical images, computer-assisted intervention, and optical/histology applications.

In previous polls by the MICCAI Student Board, students have additionally indicated that they are especially interested in “How to make it work”, tutorials focused on implementation details not usually discussed in papers. Students also expressed a preference for submissions in the form of blogs and python notebooks. These materials are especially welcomed by the MEC. Tutorials should be comprehensible by Masters and PhD students entering the MICCAI field, to understand basic concepts and commonly used techniques. Tutorials featuring examples using open-source software are also encouraged.

Submission requirements:
  • All submissions should be in English.
  • Word count limit: 4000 words, excluding references. Slide presentations are limited to 40 slides. Note that these are upper limits, and submissions are not required to be nearly this long!
  • Videos should be no longer than 20 minutes
  • Previously published tutorial papers from past MICCAI's are not eligible.

You can also look at examples of previous MEC submissions.


First prize is $500, sponsored by the MICCAI society, and an interview with a well-known professor published on YouTube to promote their research. The winner will be decided through expert panel judging followed by a popular vote.

All submissions will first be judged by a panel of experts, using an objective evaluation of the achievement of the tutorial goal. Tutorials will be scored based on:
  • Accuracy of content
  • Comprehensiveness of content
  • Appropriate level (accessible to new Masters and PhD students)
  • Relevance to the MICCAI community
  • Clarity

The top 30% of submissions will then proceed to a popular vote held at MICCAI 2022, to decide the winner.

Distribution of a prize is contingent on the MEC receiving at least three submissions, to ensure some level of competition. Given sufficient submissions, runner-up prizes will also be awarded to submissions that receive second and third place in the popular vote.


Please submit your tutorial by emailing it to miccai-student-board@csail.mit.edu with the subject line “MICCAI Educational Challenge Submission: Your Name”. Include the author(s) name(s), affiliation(s) and relevant keywords of your submission in the email body. By submitting to the MEC, you (and your co-authors) agree that your submission will be made publically and freely available on the MEC educational challenge materials website by the MICCAI Student Board.

Important dates

  • Submission deadline: July 31, 2022 August 15, 2022  Extended!
  • Announcement of the winner: MICCAI awards ceremony.

All submissions will be made publicly available shortly following MICCAI 2022.


Please direct any questions to miccai-student-board@csail.mit.edu.